Hey guys,

Bill Hauser here. And, yes, I was caught red-handed buying lemonade DURING work hours. If you know the way I work, you know I rarely take breaks until the job is 100% done. But, when it’s 90-degrees out and you’re an arm’s reach away from a lemony and sugary escape, breaks happen.

These Kids Were Young Entrepreneurs!

All kidding aside, I bought lemonade from these little guys for good reason. They were out in the hot sun trying to make money while all of their friends were probably out skateboarding, at a pool party or playing basketball. These kids have their act together. I mean, when I was their age, I was jumping motorcycles into creeks for Christ’s sake!

After I bought lemonade for myself and my team, I talked to these young entrepreneurs for a bit and learned that they have been operating this lemonade stand since 2012 (for 3 years)! I thought this was awesome. Most kids would open up shop for a couple of weekends, sit around all day for a couple weekends, get bored and decide to go back to the pool party lifestyle. Not these kids. These kids have stuck with it for 3 years!

Let These Kids Teach Us Something

If you’re an entrepreneur, you know how hard can be to start your own business. Success takes sickening levels of persistence. And, I think these kids have what it takes to be successful. I took something away from these kids…something more than the delicious lemonade they sold me, and I hope you did too!