Composite decking is becoming popular among homeowners looking to make their homes more durable. The decks have a longer lifespan because they resist mold, weather elements, and insect damage. The experienced general contractors in the Delaware Valley can tell you that composite decking is definitely worth the investment.

What is Composite Decking?

Composite decking was invented in the late 1980s and is comprised of a polymer material, wood fibers, or flakes encased in plastic. The deck boards can be partially or wholly enclosed, and unlike traditional wood, they feature a structural layer of outer capping that protects the deck from wear and tear.

The structural integrity of composite decks is based on innovative technology and high-performance recycled materials, which offer several benefits, as discussed by hardscape contractors in the Delaware Valley.

Superior Durability

Composite decking is an excellent option for homeowners who want their landscaping to be as durable as possible. The high-quality materials from which the board is made contribute to overall strength and long-lasting durability. They’re also strong enough to withstand heavy traffic and the weight of furniture.

Unlike wood and several PVC options, composite decking resist scratching, fading, and mold. Thanks to the exclusive protective shell and formulation for high-traffic resistance, it won’t crack, split, or warp.

Additionally, composite decks are strong enough to withstand the damaging effects of insects, unlike wood decks. That makes them the best option for areas prone to insect infestations.

Minimal Maintenance

Wet planter pots, spilled food, and dropped grill tools are no match for high-performance composite decks. Unlike wood decks that take several days to wash, stain, and seal, composite decks easily retain their beauty with minimal upkeep.

With composite decks, maintenance issues like staining, sanding, and painting are not required. Simple cleaning with soap and water twice a year will do an excellent job of keeping the deck in its best condition.

However, choosing composite decks that don’t lose their shine or color over the years is crucial. Remember that spills and splashes are inevitable, especially if you install the patios around the pool or in an area exposed to heavy rains.

You want to prevent mishaps from interfering with the quality of the composite decks as time goes by, so you must be sure you get the best quality. Skilled hardscape contractors in the Delaware Valley can help you carefully select and install composite decks.

Environmentally Friendly

The manufacture and maintenance of composite decks don’t harm the environment. The products are made of recycled materials like wood scrap and plastic bags and can give your home a perfect look for years without the need for remodeling. They give your home the look of natural wood without leading to deforestation in search of a large amount of lumber needed for wood decks.

Available in a Variety of Colors

Composite decking doesn’t require painting or staining to achieve the desired color scheme for your home, unlike wood. Besides, the high-definition wood grain patterns make the decks look and feel just as natural as wooden decks.

In addition to the wide variety of colors, you can also choose from a broad range of accessories like railings and stair banisters. Overall, achieving a custom outdoor look that would be more challenging with traditional wooden decks is seamless.

Easy Installation

There’s a popular myth that composite decks are difficult to cut and installation takes a lot of time and hard work. However, these decks are much like timber decks in installation. With the right tools, we can cut through them with ease.

Moreover, composite decks can easily be bent through heating to form curved sections on the deck. Colwyn general contractors can help you with installation and do it right.

More Safety

Composite decks are safer than wooden decks, with little risk of causing injuries. Their finishing allows you to walk barefoot without worrying about splinters. That means your entire family, including your pets, will be safe on the deck.

Improved Technology

With advances in technology, manufacturers are now able to produce higher-quality decks. More modern composite decks comprise a hard plastic shell bonded to composite boards for more durability. Hardscape contractors in Delaware County say the surface is less prone to fading, mold, scratching, and staining.

Strong Warranties

One of the crucial factors to consider when planning outdoor living space is short and long-term costs. Most composite decks on the market come with lengthy warranties that guarantee enduring looks, giving the homeowner some additional peace of mind.

Initially, composite decking costs more than wood decking and railing. However, all that cost pays off over time in the form of low maintenance costs and improved leisure time that delivers compelling value.

What Factors Should I Consider When Choosing Composite Decks?

Given the many benefits of composite decking, there’s no doubt why the products have dominated the market in comparison to wood decks. They also come in many designs to allow you to choose depending on your style and preference. There’s no limitation to enjoying a beautiful outdoor space.

In addition to the many benefits, another important factor is the brand of the composite decks. The market is awash with many brands, but ensure you review the features for the best picks.

A Skilled Hardscape Contractor Helping Make Your Outdoors Beautiful

Choosing between wooden decks and composite ones can be tricky, considering they both have good sides. Your decision can become easier if you have experienced Delaware Valley hardscape contractors to guide your selection. They can help you understand how composite decks stack up against other decking materials.

Professionals at our firm can guide you through the process. We understand the benefits of the composite decks and know they’re an excellent choice for homeowners who want the look of wood without all the maintenance required. In our many years of practice, we have helped many clients achieve their desired outdoor look and can help you too. Give us a call if you’re in Chester County & Delaware County and see how we can help.