Why is it Important to Ask Questions Before Hiring a General Contractor?

Your preferred contractor can make or break your project. Therefore, you must engage the right professional for quality and timeless work. Besides, you will have less emotional and financial stress when you have the right match for the projects.

The best way to ensure you hire the right construction company in Delaware Valley is to ask pertinent questions. However, it doesn’t end with asking, as you must listen to how the contractor answers your questions. If they portray difficulty communicating, it could indicate a probability of problems later in the project. With that said, here are the hard questions you need to ask.

1. What is Your Background and Experience in this Type of Work?

The question makes a good icebreaker and should therefore be on top of your list of questions. The answer you get will tell you if the contractor is a good match for the project. Strive to find out the following in more detail:

  • How many years have they been in business
  • The number of complete projects in their portfolio
  • How many projects similar to yours have they completed in the past

Be bold and ask if the contractor finished the project in time and other specific details that may indicate how likely they are to handle your project to your specifications.

2. Do You Have a License for this Type of Work?

Licensing is another big question to ask general contractors in Delaware Valley, as it’s vital in the construction industry.

Ask for a copy of their license and get in touch with the licensing authority to verify if the license is valid. You can use the online contractor search option to look up licensed contractors in Delaware County.

3. Which Types of Insurance Do You Carry?

The contractor you choose should have general liability insurance that protects your home and property in the unfortunate event of an accident. For example, if they accidentally hit a water line, causing your house to flood, you can have the assurance that their insurance will take care of the cost of cleaning up the mess.

Delaware Valley general contractors should also carry worker’s compensation insurance. That protects you from liability if someone gets hurt while working on your property. A contractor without insurance is a huge red flag as you will assume liability for the safety of your property and the workers should any accidents occur at your home.

4. Will You Take Care of Permits?

While not every type of project will require a permit, any job that fundamentally changes the structure of your house should ideally have a permit. Any professional contractor knows the kind of permits required for each type of project, such as the following:

  • Plumbing and electricity
  • Building and remodeling projects
  • Special projects like decks and fireplaces

They also should know how to get them in a shorter period than it would take you as the project owner. Having a professional contractor handle the permits enhances the chances of the job running smoothly.

5. Would You Itemize Your Bid?

It’s common for general contractors in Colwyn, PA, to give their clients a single, bottom-line price for the project. However, this only puts you in the dark about what the cost will specifically cover. On the contrary, an itemized bid gives you deeper insights into the cost of the various job elements. For example, you can have a clear breakdown of the following:

  • Plumbing
  • Demolition and hauling of trash
  • Framing and finish carpentry
  • HVAC
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Drywall and painting
  • Floor installation

With such an itemized bid, comparing prices among different contractors is easier. It also becomes easier to figure out how to cut costs if needed. An itemized proposal also eliminates disputes over what was done or not done as per your expectations.

6. Who Are Your Main Suppliers?

Experienced contractors have a reliable network of suppliers, and you can get clues about a contractor’s reliability based on how connected they are. Some crucial proprietors your contractor should have a network with are:

  • Lumber yards
  • Tile shops
  • Kitchen and bath showrooms
  • Home improvement centers

By talking to these businesses, you can establish if the contractor has left a trail of happy or unhappy customers and whether he reliably pays his bills. Such details will inform your decision on hiring them.

7. What is Your Estimated Completion Time?

A professional contractor should be able to give you an estimated timeline for the project and factor in the additional time it may take if the unexpected happens. In giving you a schedule for the completion time, the contractor should also break down the project into milestones that assure you of being on track.

Remember that projects generally run long, so you may want to establish if the contractor has set up other projects soon. You don’t want them to run off before they’re through with your project because they must be at another site for another project.

8. Can You Provide a List of Past Client Referrals?

Any good and professional general contractor will be more than happy to let their work speak for itself. As such, they will be glad to provide a list of past clients you can check with to establish their quality of work.

You can also do an online search to check client reviews or testimonials. Some places to check include the following:

  • The contractor’s website
  • Their social media accounts
  • Angie’s list or HomeAdvisor

If a contractor hesitates to provide referrals, take that as a red flag.

An Experienced General Contractor Taking Care of Your Projects Professionally

Taking on a new project, whether from scratch or a renovation, entails making many complex and critical decisions along the way. The first step toward the right direction is choosing the right construction company in Colwyn, as having a professional and experienced team can make all the difference. The above questions can help gauge whether a contractor is suitable for the task.

Our contractors are dedicated to doing everything right, so we will check every box in your list of questions. We have been in the construction field for many years, and our knowledge, skills, and expertise make up top-rated general contractors in Delaware Valley. You can talk to our former clients to find out more. Once ready to get started, contact us for a FREE initial consultation.