What is the Importance of Electrical Inspection?

You can handle some projects by yourself, but an electrical inspection is not one of them if you’re not a qualified or licensed electrical contractor. Sadly, many homeowners take their electricity for granted until a significant problem requires them to call an expert for an inspection.

A home electrical inspection is an in-depth review of your home’s electrical system. It should be done by a professional as stipulated in the National Electrical Code to determine if everything is up to code. Your general contractors in the Delaware Valley can help you make arrangements for your home’s electrical inspection as recommended.

Checklist for Electrical Inspection

Qualified electrical contractors in the Delaware Valley know what goes into a complete professional electrical inspection.

They will check the safety of the following devices in your home:

  • Circuits: They will assess if you have the correct number of circuits to meet your home’s electrical demands. This is crucial if you have had any additions to the home’s foundation.
  • Wires: They will check the condition and age of the cables, replace the old or damaged ones, and reinstall the incorrectly installed ones, which can create a hazard if left unchecked.
  • Electric meters: Meters can wear out over the years, so checking their proper functioning is crucial. Your Delaware Valley electrical contractors will inspect the meters for signs of rust or water damage and ensure their quality is not compromised.
  • Outlets: Electrical experts can check if your home’s electrical connections are in good condition. They can also determine if the connections overheat when in use due to circuit overload and take the necessary measures to keep your electrical system safe.
  • Service panels: Faulty breakers can cause your appliances to stop working, lights to flicker, or service panels to blow. Electrical contractors can check the condition of the service panels and take appropriate action to ensure everything works as it should.

At the end of your home’s electrical inspection, your contractors will help you understand your home’s electrical safety. They will also advise if anything needs replacing, repairing, or upgrading.

When Should I Have My Home’s Electrical Work Inspected?

How often you should have your home’s electrical work inspected depends on various factors and your needs for the electrical system. Generally, experts recommend having a qualified electrical company inspect your electrical system at least once annually.
Nonetheless, other situations may arise during the year, warranting a professional electrical inspection. Electrical malfunctions may range from minor inconveniences to significant emergencies that may put your home and family at risk if not addressed immediately. These include:

Hot Sockets

Heat that emanates from your electrical system could indicate faulty wiring that causes hot switches and sockets. Avoid using the affected sockets, especially if they get warm when not in use, and call local electricians to inspect the wiring for the core issue.

Tripping Circuit Breakers

If your home’s electrical load is too high, the circuit breakers respond to protect your appliances. Unfortunately, if they overwork, parts of the circuits could get overloaded by the sheer amount of power usage. Your electrical contractors might recommend upgrading the circuit to avoid tripping the breakers.

Flickering or Dimming Lights

Flickering or dimming lights often indicate that some appliances are drawing too much energy. Qualified electrical contractors in the Delaware Valley can test the circuit to establish if they can redirect the power to allow the high-powered appliances to get their proper power supply.

Strange Noises or Smell

Any unusual smell or sound from your electrical system is reason enough to call electrical contractors for an inspection. It could indicate that the wiring has issues that an expert should address immediately. Stop using the power and have the system checked first.

Other Situations That Require an Electrical Inspection

Apart from these pressing issues, there are also other instances when you may require a complete electrical inspection of your home:

  • After purchasing a previously owned home
  • You need to install new power-heavy appliances
  • You have renovated your home in a way that may affect the electrical system
  • Your home is forty years or older

It’s always advisable to use preventative care for your home’s electrical work. So, if it has been a while since the last inspection, contact licensed electrical contractors serving Delaware County and its environs.

Do I Need an Electrical Permit for Electrical DIY Projects?

You may not require a permit for electrical tasks such as regular maintenance on existing electrical installation or replacement of electrical devices. However, you may need a license to perform the following functions:

  • Converting a fuse box into a circuit breaker
  • Installing a receptacle for a garage door opener
  • Running new wiring
  • Installing or altering any permanent wiring or electrical device
  • Installing or changing low-voltage systems such as security alarms
  • Installing a new electrical outlet or light fixture

Check with your general contractors in the Delaware Valley if you can pull the permit on your own or if a licensed electrician has to obtain it on your behalf. If you get a license for these tasks, ensure a certified electrical contractor inspects them once complete.

A Skilled Electrical Contractor Inspecting Your Residential Electrical Work

An electrical inspection is an in-depth checkup of your home’s electrical system and components to ensure your home’s safety. Qualified electrical contractors in the Delaware Valley should carry out the task as they are conversant with the electrical code and the standards your electrical system should meet.

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