What is the Average Timeframe for Kitchen Renovation?

Kitchen remodeling projects vary in size and complexity, as does time required to complete them. General contractors in the Delaware Valley estimate an average kitchen remodeling project to last between 6 and 9 weeks, depending on what is involved.

Large kitchen spaces with detailed refurbishing could take an additional four weeks, while full kitchen remodels can take between 3 and 5 months to complete. Remember that this is just an estimated time, and it’s vital to consult your contractor to get into the details of your project. They would be in the best position to estimate how long your specific project would take.

What Are the Timelines for Each Remodeling Phase?

When you start a kitchen remodeling project, you want everything to run according to plan and within specific timelines.


With the best remodeling contractors by your side, here’s how long you can expect the project to take:

Pre-Construction Phase

A lot needs to happen before the actual remodeling work can begin:

  • Closing on your property: 1-3 months
  • Soliciting for bids: 1-7 days
  • Scheduling site visits: 1-3 weeks
  • Leveling bids and choosing a contractor: 1-2 weeks
  • Signing the contract and finalizing the construction schedule: A few hours
  • Obtaining permits and approvals: Varies depending on several factors
  • Sourcing materials: Varies depending on the suppliers

Construction Phase

Most of the activities that happen in the construction phase are the responsibility of your Delaware Valley remodeling contractors. However, it helps to understand what will happen and when. You also should schedule payments to your contractor to keep the project moving. Some of the activities under this phase are:

  • Rerouting plumbing and electrical: 1-4 days 
  • City inspections and sign-offs: 1 hour on-site 
  • Floor installations: 1-5 days 
  • Installation of all other materials, such as cabinets and appliances: 1-10 days 
  • Cleaning up: 1 day 

Post Construction Phase

After completing the work, reviewing everything with your Delaware Valley general contractors is crucial to verify that all the work has been done correctly. Try the drawers and doors, check the edges and finishes, and ensure everything works perfectly. This could take up to an hour.

You also need to check the punch list items, including issues like installing missing items. The list can take a day to several weeks to complete, which mostly happens due to things being back-ordered or being out of stock. Your contractor should be able to fix this in a few days.

Once you verify that everything is as it should be, the final thing is to make the final payment, which marks the completion of the project. This should take a few minutes to complete.

These timelines give you an idea of the various aspects of renovating a kitchen and the typical time ranges. Remember to factor in elements that may be out of your control. Remodeling contractors serving Delaware County and Chester County identify the following as additional elements that could affect the timeline:

What Factors Affect How Long It Takes to Complete a Kitchen Remodeling Project?

As remodeling contractors in the Delaware Valley will tell you, several phases go into your kitchen renovation project. It is reasonable to expect your project to be completed in a few weeks if you’re:

  • Not changing the footprint 
  • Not adding or changing the electrical setup or plumbing 
  • Using stock appliances and cabinetry 

However, moving your kitchen from one part of the house is a complex project that requires board approvals and permits. You may also have to import custom cabinets, which may take a few months. Generally, the following factors will determine how long it takes to complete the project:

The Scope and Type of Work at Hand

The scope of work depends on the kitchen’s current condition and determines the time it takes to complete the project. A small project that involves minor repairs, finishes, and fixtures could take a few days to complete.

In the case of complete remodeling, the project could take several days to weeks. A kitchen with only external damages could see the work proceed faster compared to a kitchen with several internal damages that could be costly and involving.

The Kitchen Design You Wish to Achieve

If you wish to achieve a complex design for your kitchen, be prepared to spend more time on the project than on a simple design. Talk to your kitchen remodeling contractors in the Delaware Valley to help you choose a design and determine when the project will likely be completed.

Materials to Use for the Renovation Project

The materials you choose for your kitchen remodeling project significantly affect the timelines for completing the project. For example, if the materials are off the shelf, things will likely move on fast. Special materials that require unique customization or craftsmanship could take a little longer.

The Size of the Space to be Remodelled

Kitchens have custom sizes and vary from one home to another. Whether yours is large or small, it’s essential to determine the most suitable design and appliance arrangement that snugly fits into the space. A large kitchen takes more time to remodel than a tiny kitchen and requires more materials.

Discussing all these factors with your remodeling contractors in Delaware County beforehand prepares you physically and mentally for the project. Planning and ordering materials before the onset of the project can dramatically help reduce the renovation’s timeframe.

An Experienced General Contractor Helping You Complete Your Remodeling Project in Time

If you want to remodel your kitchen, you must be prepared to spend considerable time on the project. Experienced Delaware Valley remodeling contractors can help you get the best project results within your budget and timelines. They can take care of the phases to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Our general contractors in the Delaware Valley can work with you to help you beat the deadlines you have in mind. We know that you want to see the design of your new kitchen and settle in as soon as possible. Let us help you with the planning and take care of the small and big details. Contact us to schedule a consultation.