How Often Will a Wooden Fence Need Replacement?

Wood fences provide an elegant appearance, environmental friendliness, cost-efficiency, and versatility. Besides, they are easy to install and maintain and can age beautifully with the correct treatment. While you want your fence to last as long as possible because of the replacement costs, a time comes when you have to invest in a new one.

The question then arises about how often you should replace your wooden fence. General contractors in the Delaware Valley can help you look into this aspect and identify signs that show it is time to replace your wooden fence.

How Long Do Wooden Fences Last

Wood is natural and absorbs moisture from the air. With time, it becomes saturated, and if it stays that way, it can quickly soften and rot. Wood also succumbs to other elements when exposed, making it lose its strength and can become dangerous if not replaced.

Fortunately, it’s possible to extend the life of a wooden fence with proper maintenance and care, primarily if the structure comprises good, rot-resistant wood. Most wood species, like redwood and cedar, are rot-resistant and can last for about 20 years.

Spores that lead to wood rot don’t infect wood unless moisture content rises above 28%. On the other hand, moisture content below 22% causes fungus spores to remain dormant. Since not all wood species perform well in high-moisture environments, it would be best to consult residential fencing contractors in the Delaware Valley when choosing the best wood for your fence.

What Are the Signs That My Fence Needs to Be Replaced?

Sometimes, the damage on your fence could warrant a few repairs to restore it to its original condition. For example, discoloration, splintering, or warping could indicate that your fence needs repair. You should inspect the fence to determine if you can mitigate the damage with a solution, like patching small holes and cracks with wood filler or redirecting pooling water.

Nonetheless, an extremely worn-out wooden fence may need much more than repairs. Here are signs that it’s time to install a new wooden fence:

Rotted Posts and Boards

Wood is highly vulnerable to rotting, especially in cold regions, due to excess moisture and mold growth that contributes to a damp, musty smell. The combination of factors lowers the integrity of the wood, making it weak and a safety hazard.

One way to determine the extent of rot on your wooden fence is to poke the wood with a sharp tool like a screwdriver. If it sinks into the wood, it means it’s rotten from the inside. Wood in good condition should feel hard and firm when you poke it.

Unstable Fence Leaning to the Side

After many years of use, your fence may start sagging and lean on one side. If it leans excessively on one side and dramatically affects a large portion of the side, the fence is unstable and has lost its strength. A replacement is the most suitable option, although you may want to repair the affected posts.

Even with constant repairs and maintenance, you may notice that the rails and panels catch your attention every time you drive up the house. Delaware Valley residential fencing contractors identify that as an indication that you may have a fence problem that needs a replacement.

Termite or Insect Infestation Has Damaged the Fence

Termites are a nuisance that can wreak havoc on wooden fences. Signs of termite infestation and damage on wooden fences include large numbers of termites on the board, structural weakness, and holes.

Once pests start making a home on your fence, call experienced residential fencing contractors in the Delaware Valley to assess the extent of the damage. They will also advise you on the most practical steps to take, one of the most suitable being replacing the fence.

Your Wooden Fence Has Missing Boards

Several factors can contribute to gaps in your fence, including strong winds, missing boards, and accidental damage. Boards and panels can also break loose if the function of the fasteners is compromised.

A fence with large gaps may allow intruders to find their way into your property or give your pets and kids an escape route. Big gaps also inhibit your privacy, and you can’t have peace in your home as neighbors keep stealing glances at your home. So, you should consider replacing the fence.

The Wooden Fence is More Than 20 Years Old

Regardless of the wood species used for your fence, constant exposure to elements can make it dry and brittle. While you may not have to replace a fence still performing well after 20 years, most wooden fences around this age start to fail. Even a lot of maintenance will not help much, and you might save yourself a lot of time and money in the future by replacing it as soon as possible.

Repair and Maintenance Have Become Regular but Costly Chores

A time comes when repairing and maintaining a wooden fence becomes too much trouble. One of the signs that maintenance has become too much work for you is hiring general contractors in Colwyn for a job that you once took only a few days to complete.

Too many repairs on an old fence may be costly, eventually surpassing the cost of replacing it. If that is your situation, consider getting a few quotes on the replacement cost and weigh this against the annual repair costs. The figures will help you decide whether you should repair the fence.

Reputable Residential Fencing Contractors Helping You Refresh Your Property’s Looks

Your fence increases your home’s aesthetics and is also your first line of defense against intruders. Nonetheless, if it has seen better days, it could be time for a replacement. Investing in a new fence is an excellent decision to enhance your home’s security and boost curb appeal. Consider hiring professional services when you’re unsure when to replace your wooden fence.

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